Boards and Committees


At the root of any great community is the involvement of it's citizens. One great way to get involved is by joining a Board or Commission. These Boards act in various capacities assisting the Board of Commissioners and Township Administration in decision making. The involvement of members of community is paramount in building and retaining a strong community.

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission acts in advisory capacity to the Township Commissioners to review subdivision and land development plans. The Commissioner's core purpose is to assure compliance with our local building and zoning rules and regulations.

James Renner, 4th Ward

Township Engineer
Alex Rodriquez, P.E.

Recording Secretary
Barbara Kelley

Charles Fisher, 5th Ward
James Renner, 4th Ward
George James, 3rd Ward
Pamella Andrien, 1st Ward

Board of Health

The purpose of the Upper Chichester Township Board of Health Department is to preserve, protect, and promote the health of the residents of Upper Chichester.

Mary Burland, 5th Ward

Wayne Martin, 2nd Ward

Health Officer
Dr. Joel Goldberg

Health Inspector
Michelle Fanelli

Byrin Bratcher, 3rd Ward
Harold Etsell, 1st Ward
Marge Omlor, 4th Ward

Recreation Committee

The general purpose of the Recreation Committee is to assist the Recreation Director with the planning, implementation, and development of the recreation programs and events.

John Anderson, 4th Ward

Georgene Anderson, At Large
Dan Chominski, 5th Ward
Liz Franz, At Large
Dee Kristman, 3rd Ward
Harold Robinson, 2nd Ward
Deborah Sitaras, At Large
Tom Wanniski, 1st Ward

Southern Delco Authority

Michael Chermak, 4th Ward

Vice-President, Asst. Treasurer
Robert Ganster, 5th Ward

Asst. Secretary
Gail King, 2nd Ward

Treasurer, Personnel Manager
Richard Golato, 3rd Ward

Plant Manager
Joseph DiMarco, 1st Ward

John Scheuren

Andrew Reilly

Mike J. Ciocco, P.E., SEO

Patrick Rogers, CPA

Office Manager
Linda Lamberto

Zoning Hearing Board

The purpose of the Zoning Hearing Board is to help assure fair and equitable application and the administration of the zoning ordinance by hearing appeals of the Zoning Officer’s decisions and by granting relief from literal enforcement of the ordinance in certain situations.

The Board is judicial body and may not make or modify zoning policy. The Board schedules hearings on applications and appeals, and hears evidence and issues written decisions or findings of fact.

Michael McKinney

Recording Secretary
Emmanuel Broomall

Corresponding Secretary
Tom Simpson

Nunzio Mattera
James Holefelder

Hugh A. Donaghue, ESQ

Barbara Kelley

Emergency Management Committee

David Holland

Deputy Coordinator
Teresa Dewees

Safety Officer
Mike Civera

Gail King

Fran Bradley
Brian Dewees
Russell Green
Katrina Harris
Kate Holland
Kathy Hynson
Judy Kirby
Wendell Sammons
Dave Talley
Joseph Uzdavinis

Property Maintenance Appeals

Gerald Baker
Tom Breslin
William Laverty

Civil Service Commission

Denise Corcoran
Joseph Koslosky
Joaquin Perezi

Economic Development

Barbara Kelley