Upper Chichester Fire Marshal

Dave Holland

Fire Marshal

  • (610) 842-8455
  • d.holland@upperchichester.org

The Mission of the Upper Chichester Township Fire Marshal’s office is to preserve life and property from fire, explosion and other related hazards through fire prevention, safety education, code enforcement, and fire investigation. To protect the lives, property and environment of the people of Upper Chichester Township from the threat or occurrence of emergencies resulting from any natural or man-made disaster, including but not limited to flood, fire, hazardous material release, windstorms, hurricanes, terrorism, earthquake, tornadoes, drought, snow storms and ice storms. The preparation for carryting out all emergency functions shall be accomplished through the four phases of emergency management: Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery. Activities to meet this end include coordination, planning, training, drills, and exercises.

Attention Residents

Does someone living within your residents require the assistance of others to evacuate should there be an emergency within your residents? If so, the Office of the Fire Marshal & Emergency Management would like to hear from you. Some examples of persons requiring the assistance of others include; wheelchair bound, blind, deaf, mobility impaired, bedridden, or have cognitive or development disorders.nnOnce received by this office, the information you provide will be forwarded to the DE County 9-1-1 center for entry into the computer database. The 9-1-1 center will in turn relay this information to emergency responders. Should you wish to have this information entered into the 9-1-1 computer system, complete the Special Needs form and return to the Township Bldg via fax, mail, email or simply drop off.n

Special Needs Form

Important Fire Related Regulations

Carbon Monoxide

The risks, dangers, sources and side effects of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.


When Fire Strikes

When fire strikes, get out and stay out. Do not go back inside for any reason.


Smoke Detector

Installation, maintenance and what to do if the smoke detector sounds off.


Escape Plan

Protect your family by having an escape plan in case of a fire emergency.


Fire Drill Oct 7

The details about the Upper Chichester planned fire drill for October 7th.


Sleepover Checklist

A checklist to help parents considering a sleepover or slumber party.


Life Safety Requirements

Life safety requirements for construction, remodeling and renovations.


Fire Alarm Requirements

The installation of all fire alarms should be in accordance with township codes.


Emergency Backpack

What an emergency evacuation backpack should contain in case of an emergency.


Portable Heater Safety

Misuse of portable electric or kerosene heaters can cause building fires.


After the Fire is Out

Recovering from a fire may take a long time, find out what you can do.


Open Burning

Commercial fire pits and clay chimnies are allowed for recreational fires only.