Barbara Kelley

Assistant Township Manager

Responsibilities: Oversight of License and Inspection and Economic Development.

  • (610) 485-5719 ext. 227
Be A Good Neighbor

  • Do not have any stagnant water, as seen in old tires, buckets or flower points. Stagnant water leads to West Nile virus among other diseases.
  • Be aware of senior citizens in your area and check on them for safety.
  • Keep your grass at 6 inches or lower, high grass leads to diseases and safety issues. If you see high grass and weeds, contact the owner and/or the township
  • Park your car on paved driveways and away from grass.
  • Be respectful of your neighbors – debris and overgrown plants and trees growing on your neighbors’ property.
Quick Links

Make sure you register your business and vacant property before April 30th, 2018. Contact the License and Inspection office at (610) 485-5719. See above in Permits & Applications.

Administrative Assistant

License and Inspection

  • (610) 485-5719 ext. 205

Responsibilities are: Permits and Administrative duties for License and Inspection and Planning and Zoning.

Keith Crowley

Property Maintenance Inspector

  • (610) 485-5719 ext. 213

Responsibilities are: Property maintenance enforcement and compliance.

Pete Lunn

Property Maintenance Inspector

  • (610) 485-5719 ext. 223

Responsibilities are: Property maintenance enforcement and compliance.

Michelle Fanelli

Health Inspector

  • (610) 812-6390

Responsibilities are: Inspections of restaurant and food establishments.

Brad Bollinger

Township Building Code Official

  • (610) 485-5719 ext. 214

Responsibilities are: Inspections and Plan Reviews for Upper Chichester Township.

Charles Remaley

Township Zoning / Housing Officer

  • Office: (610) 494-3010
  • (610) 485-5719 ext.206

Responsibilities are: Zoning and Housing inspections and compliance issues.

    David Holland

    Fire Marshall

    • (610) 485-5719 ext. 226