Barbara Kelley

Assistant Township Manager

Responsibilities: Oversight of License and Inspection and Economic Development.

  • (610) 485-5719 ext. 227
Be A Good Neighbor

  • L&I is here to help you get started on your home or business projects.
  • ***For Certificate of Occupancy and Zoning questions, call 610-494-3010.
  • ***For Permit questions, call 610-532-2884.
  • Ensure you send the correct fee with the application and/or permit or it will not be processed. For payment questions, call the office at 610-485-5719.
  • If you are a new business, call the Assistant Township Manager for a new business packet to help you get started. Be nice to your neighbors!
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Curb and sidewalk permits are free this year. Contact the License and Inspection office at (610) 485-5719. Make sure you obtain your Permits & Applications in plenty of time before construction.

Administrative Assistant

License and Inspection

  • (610) 485-5719 ext. 205

Responsibilities are: Permits and Administrative duties for License and Inspection and Planning and Zoning.

Keith Crowley

Property Maintenance Inspector

  • (610) 485-5719 ext. 213

Responsibilities are: Property maintenance enforcement and compliance.

Pete Lunn

Property Maintenance Inspector

  • (610) 485-5719 ext. 223

Responsibilities are: Property maintenance enforcement and compliance.

Michelle Fanelli

Health Inspector

  • (610) 812-6390

Responsibilities are: Inspections of restaurant and food establishments.

Catania Engineering Associates, Inc.

Township Building Code Official

  • (610) 485-5719 ext. 230

Please contact Bill Gavin at Catania Engineering for all UCC related questions.

Charles Remaley

Township Zoning / Housing Officer

  • Office: (610) 494-3010
  • (610) 485-5719 ext.206

Responsibilities are: Zoning and Housing inspections and compliance issues.

    David Holland

    Fire Marshall

    • (610) 485-5719 ext. 226