Barbara Kelley

Assistant Township Manager

Responsibilities: Oversight of License and Inspection and Economic Development.

Be A Good Neighbor

Tips for the Fall Season

  • Do not have any stagnant water, as seen in old tires, buckets or flower points. Stagnant water leads to West Nile virus among other diseases.
  • Be aware of senior citizens in your area and check on them for safety.
  • Keep your grass at 6 inches or lower, high grass leads to diseases and safety issues. If you see high grass and weeds, contact the owner and/or the township
  • Park your car on paved driveways and away from grass.
  • Be respectful of your neighbors - debris and overgrown plants and trees growing on your neighbors' property.


  • Remember to shovel your snow in the winter season, especially in crosswalks and public areas that you are responsible for.
  • Be aware of senior citizens in your area and check on them for safety.
  • Be mindful of shared driveways with snow. Work out with your neighbor on snow removal.

Brad Bollinger

Township Building Code Official

Responsibilities are: Inspections and Plan Reviews for Upper Chichester Township.

Jeanmarie Broomall

Administrative Coordinator

Responsibilities are: Permits, Business Licenses, Complaint Hotline, License and Inspection Duties.

Keith Crowley

Property Maintenance Inspector

Responsibilities are: Property maintenance enforcement and compliance.

Michelle Fanelli

Health Inspector

Responsibilities are: Inspections of restaurant and food establishments.

David Holland

Fire Marshall

Responsibilities are: Fire Inspection and Fire Code compliance.

Charles Remaley

Township Zoning / Housing Officer

Responsibilities are: Zoning and Housing inspections and compliance issues.