Residential Recycling Collection

Recycling in the Township is single stream; all material can be mixed together in your recycling bin.  Recycle pick-up is collected on a biweekly basis throughout the year. Recyclables must be placed curbside by 6:00AM the morning of your regular trash pickup. Items should be placed in your Township issued recycling bin, container of your choice, or in paper bags.  Containers must be no larger than 40 gallons and weigh no more than 30 lbs and properly marked "Recycling". Township issued containers remain with the property in the event of change of ownership. (Sorry for any inconvenience, but the Township no longer is offering the recycle bins.)  

If you miss a Curbside Collection:  Glass, cans and plastic bottles may be taken to the recycling drop-off  dumpsters. These dumpsters are located in the rear parking lot of the Municipal Complex (between the Police Station and Fieldhouse).

Plastic bags are not recyclable, therefore will not be collected.


There is no limit on the amount of material that may be put out for collection. DO NOT overfill containers.  Lids must be closed to prevent waste from spilling/flying into streets.

In addition to the curbside recycling program, the Township offers recycling drop off dumpsters to dispose of recycles. These dumpsters are located in the rear parking lot of the Municipal Complex (between the Police Station and Fieldhouse).

While not everything can be recycled, the majority of products and materials we use on a daily basis can be.

It ALL goes together: 

Glass:  Bottles, jars, food and beverage containers (clear, green and brown)—rinse thoroughly; remove lids and neck bands

Metals:  Bimetallic and aluminum cans--both food and beverage, loose metal jar lids, steel bottle caps, foil—rinsed

Plastics:  All rigid plastic containers with triangle symbols #1 through #7—rinsed (no plastic bags)

Paper:  newspaper, magazines, catalogs, brochures, regular & junk mail, greeting cards, paperback books, old telephone books, paper bags, food boxes, office paper, file folders

Cardboard:  corrugated & non-corrugated (including pizza boxes and milk cartons), paper towel rolls, dry food cartons, cardboard beverage carriers, paperboard boxes—please flatten all boxes.

Aseptic packaging/Tetrapak (juice boxes, etc.)--rinsed

No Need to Remove:  Paper clips, staples, metal fasteners, stamps, labels & address labels, cellophane, address windows, rubber bands, spiral bindings, plastic tabs

PLEASE DO NOT RECYCLE: • Plastic bags, plastic food wrap, other plastics not listed above, any plastic without a triangle & number • Paint, pesticides, motor oil, antifreeze & cleansers and their containers • Pool Chemicals • Hazardous waste • VHS/VCR tapes • Straws • Plastic flatware (including “compostable” flatware) • Sheets of stickers or address labels • Waxed paper & cardboard • Packing material without a numbered triangle symbol • Scrap metal  •  Styrofoam • Disposable diapers • Soiled paper towels or tissue paper • Organic material or food waste • Textiles, fabric, or clothing • Ceramics, chinaware porcelain or Pyrex dishware • Liquids • Mirrors • Window glass • Light bulbs • Batteries • Syringes/Needles • Computers, electronic equipment, phones • Hard cover books • Hangers • Any household item (such as toasters, cooking pots or pans, etc.)

Newspapers, Magazines, Catalogs, Junk Mail/Envelopes, Paper, Paperboard (cereal/shoe boxes), Cardboard/Brown Paper Bags, Plastic Narrow Neck Bottles, Soda/Juice/Water Bottles (glass or plastic), Milk Jugs, Bleach Detergent Bottles, Shampoo Bottles, Glass Bottle/Jars (any color), Metal Cans (tin/steel/aluminum)

Some materials such as motor oil, batteries, and pesticides contain toxic chemicals that, if improperly discarded, can pose a threat to health and the environment. These items should be discarded at the HHW Events held throughout the year. Please refer to the Delaware County HHW Events Flyer for dates and times.

Commercial Recycling

Business, Municipal, and Institutional Recycling in Upper Chichester Township

By both state and local law, all Upper Chichester Township businesses are required by Ordinance 494 to recycle and must arrange for their own recycling pickup.

The list of materials required to be recycled may be found above in the Residential Recycling Collection.

Commercial landlords who provide waste pick-up for their tenants must also provide recycling pick-up.

Businesses are required to state annually how their recycling is collected.  Businesses that do not recycle are subject to fines.

Annual Recycling Report

eWaste Collection

Electronics such as televisions, computers, cell phones, video game consoles, DVD players, etc., include toxic chemicals on their motherboards and pose a threat when sent to landfills. These items can be safely discarded at E-Waste Events throughout the year. These dates will be available to the public once scheduled for the year. Not only are these items harmful if placed in the trash, it is also illegal to throw these items away in the regular trash or recycle bins.

CLICK HERE for the 2019 list of eWaste Collection Events

Best Buy stores offer recycling of electronics and appliances.  Visit their website to see their recycling options. For more information, CLICK HERE.

Hazardous Waste Collection

Upper Chichester Township is not permitted to collect hazardous waste.  Throughout the year, Delaware County organizes several Household Hazardous Waste Collection Events, which allows residents an opportunity to rid of household hazardous waste at no charge.  Proof of residency may be required at the drop off. All Events begin 9:00AM and end promptly at 3:00PM.  For information about Delaware County’s Household Hazardous Waste program, visit their webpage at: or contact the Delaware County Solid Waste Authority at 610-892-9627.

CLICK HERE for the 2019 list of HHW Collection Events

CLICK HERE How to Rid of Paint

Shredding Collection

The Township provides the opportunity for residents to safely discard old, unused documents in a safe manner at Township sponsored Shredding Events throughout the year.

CLICK HERE for the 2019 Shredding Collection Events

Leaf Collection

As of January 1, leaves will be collected the 3rd Wednesday of each month. This collection must be scheduled with the Township. Please call 484-483-7215 by Tuesday at NOON the day prior to the scheduled collection. This pick up is FREE to residents.

Starting mid October through mid December leaves will be collected every week on your regular trash day. Please refer to the calendar for start and end dates.

Leaves must be placed in biodegradable bags and separate from your trash & recyclables. Leaves placed in plastic bags will not be collected.

Residents are asked to please refrain from blowing leaves into the streets. This will minimize the buildup of leaves in the Township storm drains which can cause flooding and create an unsafe condition for the community.

Residents who wish to dispose of leaves themselves can refer to the County Conservation information at the bottom of this page.

Yard Waste Collection

Yard waste collections are available to residents on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. Yard waste consists of leaves, dead flowers/plants, wood chips, hedge clippings, pine needles/cones and brush. No grass clippings will be accepted. The Township will not be accepting any plastic bags or craft bags filled with anything other than Yard Waste, which is defined as leaves, shrubs and tree trimmings. Plastic bags and other unacceptable items (flower pots, yard ornaments, etc) will be left at the curb. Residents need to call the Public Works Department by noon the Tuesday prior to the scheduled collection to arrange for your pick up. This pickup is Free to residents.

Residents who wish to dispose of leaves themselves can refer to the County Conservation information at the bottom of this page.

Christmas Tree Collection

Homeowners can place their trees at the curb for removal on their regular trash day during the first full three weeks of January.  All trees must be free of lights, tinsel, stands, and decorations.

Residents who wish to dispose of leaves themselves can refer to the County Conservation information at the bottom of this page.

County Conservation Company - Yard Waste Facility

In addition to the Township scheduled yard waste collections, residents can dispose of yard waste throughout the year, Monday through Friday, 7:30AM to 4PM for a minimal cost to the resident.

Leaves - $5.00 cubic yard
Yard Waste (brush, branches, pine needles, etc) - $9.00 cubic yard
Grass Clippings - $12.50 cubic yard

There will also be a reduced rate to purchase mulch.

For more information visit the DelawareCounty Composting webpage at: or County Conservation Company at:

County Conservation Co.
2300 Concord Rd & Incinerator Rd
Chester, PA 19013
Phone: 856-227-6900