This Question and Answer is only a guideline, please call the License and Inspection Department before starting any work.

Common General Questions

How do I report a violation or complaint? Can I remain anonymous?
Violations or complaints can be sent to the township building at (610) 485-5719 or stop by the township building at 8500 Furey Rd, Upper Chichester, PA 19014. You may remain anonymous with your concern.
I have received a Notice of Violation or a Final Violation letter. What do I do?
A Notice of Violation letter allows you time to comply to the ordinance. By complying to local ordinance you will not receive a violation. If you receive a Violation Letter, please call the office at (610) 485-5719 or stop by the township building at 8500 Furey Rd, Upper Chichester, PA 19014 to help mediate the situation before the citation is written.

Building and Permits

How do I get a permit? Why do I need one?
Find a licensed contractor and ensure he or she obtains a permit for the work to be done. Call the township for more information. Your work permit should be posted on a window or door near the work being done. Work performed without a permit subjects the owner, not the contractor, to a fine. Permits ensure that a professional is performing the work and is following all of the code and safety guidelines.
What are the requirements for a demo permit?
  • Call PA1 at 811
  • Electric Shutoff: Obtain a letter from PECO
  • Sewer: Obtain a permit at Delco Sewer Authority at Beech and Market Street
  • Water Shutoff: Obtain a letter from CWA
  • Gas or Oil: Empty tank or shut off gas (See co-compliance).
  • File a building permit and designate DEMO as Option 8
  • Backfill Inspection
  • Final Inspection
What are the requirements to build a deck or a driveway?

A zoning permit application application to include plot plan, size and location, and setbacks from front, side and rear lot lines and a building permit. The permits may be obtained at the Township Office or in our Documents tab.

I want to have a block party, do I need a permit? Who do I contact? How long does it take?
A Special Event Permit is required for a block party. The permit must be submitted to the township 30 days prior to the event start date. Temporary structures such as moon bounces, climbing walls, and slides require the vendor to provide a Certificate of Insurance.
Do I really need a permit to put in a pool?

If the pool is larger 24" deep, Yes. A zoning permit application should include plot plans, size, location and setbacks from front, side, and rear lot lines. A building permit to include two sets of construction drawings, specs from manufacturing regarding install, if in ground, filter specs required, heater specs (if proposed), door alarm details and barrier requirements of 2009 IRC. An electrical permit with two sets of drawings including weatherproof GFCI outlets, bonding and grounding requirements of Chapter 42 of 2009 IRC, and subpanel details (if proposed).

Zoning and Housing Issues

How do I find the zoning code for my property?

Call the Township Building at (610) 485-5719 or visit the Zoning Map page.

Do I have to register my vacant property?

Yes. Visit vacant property application for details.

Property Maintenance Issues

How high does the grass need to be before it becomes a violation?
Grass over 6-inches is in violation of township policies. High grass leads to diseases and safety issues. If you see high grass and weeds, contact the owner and/or the township.
Can I drain my pool in the street?
No, it is a Pennsylvania storm water issue and is illegal to do so.