Common General Questions

How do I report a violation or complaint? Can I remain anonymous?
Violations or complaints can be sent to the township building. You may remain anonymous with your concern.

Building and Permits

How do I get a permit? Why do I need one?
Find a licensed contractor and ensure he or she obtains a permit for the work to be done. Call the township for more information. Your work permit should be posted on a window or door near the work being done. Work performed without a permit subjects the owner, not the contractor, to a fine. Permits ensure that a professional is performing the work and is following all of the code and safety guidelines.
What are the requirements to build a deck?
I want to have a block party, do I need a permit? Who do I contact? How long does it take?
What are the requirements to put in a driveway?
Do I really need a permit to put in a pool?
A Special Event Permit is required for a block party. The permit must be submitted to the township 14 days prior to the event start date. Temporary structures such as moon bounces, climbing walls, and slides require the vendor to provide a Certificate of Insurance.

Zoning and Housing Issues

How do I find the zoning code for my property?
Is there a time limit for a property to be vacant and what is the procedure?

Property Maintenance Issues

How high does the grass need to be before it becomes a violation?
Grass over 6-inches is in violation of township policies. High grass leads to diseases and safety issues. If you see high grass and weeds, contact the owner and/or the township.
Can I drain my pool in the street?
No, it is a Pennsylvania storm water issue and is illegal to do so.