Tax Collection Details

Township Real Estate

Kimberly Riley, Tax Collector

The Tax Collector is an elected official of the Township. This position is elected for a four year term. The Tax Collector is responsible for the collection of real estate taxes levied by the Township.

Earned Income Tax / Local Service Tax

Keystone Collection Group

Residents, as well as Non Residents working in Upper Chichester Township, must pay a 1% earned income tax. PSD: 230204

Delinquent Trash

Municipal Resource Recovery

Residents who have trash collected curbside by the township pay an annual fee for that service. The fee is currently set at $190.00. It is included on your Real Estate bill.
Upper Chichester Tax Codes are publicly available for local residents and business owners.
In Upper Chichester Township roughly 10% of what you pay annually in Real Estate Taxes goes to the Township. These tax dollars along with the other taxes listed below and various other sources of Revenue are used to fund the Townships annual budget. Upper Chichester Township has not increased Property Tax in quite some time. In fact the Board has twice in recent years voted to lower the Real Estate Tax.